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Why we do what we do. was built out of frustration. The frustration we’ve witnessed amongst our clients and consumers. Men are unintentionally misled everyday to believe that they are not qualified or not healthy enough to purchase life insurance after prostate cancer.

Many of our clients have been declined coverage in the past due to a number of reasons;

  1. Their health, vocation and/or family history made it difficult to insure them by standard measures.
  2. The agent they were working with did not have access to enough insurance companies to properly shop their risk and find an appropriate coverage option.
  3. Or, the agent they were working with did not have an in-depth understanding of their health history, prostate cancer treatment and outcome as it pertains to your search for the best life insurance plan.

If you’ve been declined coverage in the past, it was likely due to a combination of these three. That’s where we come in.

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How we work.

If shopping for life insurance quotes online is new to you, that’s okay, we’re here to listen and teach in order to secure your trust and life insurance business.


Our Three-Tiered Approach

First – People. It’s all about YOU!

We take the time to understand you, your goals and your unique situation. By taking the time to listen and discuss experience with prostate cancer we’re able to recommend accurate rates so there’s no surprises after underwriting finishes their review of your life insurance application.

We’ve found that many life insurance agents don’t perform the due diligence necessary to apply with the right company that will offer you the best rates. When we speak with people who’ve been declined for life insurance because of their prostate cancer, it’s usually because the previous agent didn’t understand their risk well enough and simply used the wrong company.

The personal relationship we develop with our clients empowers us to hunt for the best rates and allows us to paint your risk in the best light possible to an insurance company’s underwriter. We’re on YOUR side and do NOT work for any one specific life insurance company.

Second – Processes – The best tools and technology.

From quotes to completion, we’ll provide a smooth experience utilizing the latest in technology. We’ve invested the time and money necessary to streamline the insurance-buying process for you as much as possible. From our industry leading website, to our e-signature capabilities (with certain companies), to our back­-office relationships we’ll make your life insurance purchasing experience as smooth as possible with open communication throughout the application process and beyond.

Our database of prostate cancer life insurance approvals and online underwriting guides ensure that we’re up to date on all the latest prostate cancer underwriting news. Rest assured we have the tools and technology and experience to make your purchasing experience both efficient and smooth.

Third – Product – The best insurance companies for prostate cancer survivors.

This is critical. At the end of the day, this isn’t just “life insurance.” It’s peace of mind. It’s security. It’s knowing that your family, your business partners, your debt obligations will be okay because of the forethought you’ve taken to insure those that you love.


” Our Process is our Product. “

Our knowledge and experience in working with prostate cancer life insurance cases puts us head and shoulders above our competition.

We only work with top-rated life insurance companies and we know how life insurance companies look at prostate cancer risks differently. By knowing who looks most favorable upon your unique prostate cancer situation, we’re able to help you get the best rates possible from the correct company. We know what questions the companies will ask. This saves you time, frustration and money will allow you the greatest opportunity for getting your application approved.

And as your life insurance agent, we’re compensated by the insurance company if you’re approved and you decide to purchase the coverage. We’re working for you and want an approval just as much as you do!


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What you can expect from us.

We’re a small life insurance agency, dedicated to helping men with a history of prostate cancer obtain affordable life insurance coverage. That’s it.

Since we are an Independent Agency, we work on YOUR behalf NOT the life insurance companies’.

With that independence comes the freedom to shop top rates from top carriers. This allows us to find the best possible rates based on your particular prostate cancer history, treatments, PSA, Gleason Score and outcomes.

In order to secure the best possible rates, we’ll need to know the following about you and your prostate cancer history:

This information will be crucial, as each insurance company has specific guidelines that may affect which carrier we choose to apply with. If you don’t know some of that information, that’s okay, we’ll do our best to provide you with an accurate rate while we request a copy of your pathology reports if necessary, with your signed consent of course.

We will then refine our sights onto a handful of life insurance carriers which we feel would give you the best quotes, rates and health ratings. From first discussion with you to choosing a company or companies to apply with may take 20 minutes or several days as we may need to request a confidential quick quote from multiple life insurance underwriters before we decide on one or two that we would like to formally apply with.

Just know that no detail is too small.  Being upfront and honest will help you secure the best rates quickly. Although insurance carriers typically request medical records, it’s important for us to discuss your medical history so we can present it to the insurance companies’ underwriters the way you would like it presented. Let’s not leave important details of your case up to chance.

When you apply for coverage, we write a cover letter that highlights the positives of your prostate cancer history and other lifestyle factors that won’t show up on a medical exam or your medical records. In your life insurance application cover letter, we’ll explain why you need the coverage so the underwriter can make a connection with your application rather than just viewing it as another typical case. We take every step available to present your case honestly and thoughtfully in order to obtain the best possible rate class. Think about it, we’re not paid unless you can qualify and purchase insurance through us. It’s our goal to work alongside you and we are able to do our best when there is clear, open, and honest communication between our clients and ourselves.


Life Insurance Underwriting for Prostate Cancer


*FACTS: Prostate Cancer Life Insurance Rates


  • Preferred Plus rates (the best health class) may be available, for men age 50 and older at application with; localized lower grade cancer after a prostatectomy with negative surgical margins, Gleason Score ≤6 and an undetectable PSA post surgery more than 1 year after surgery/treatment.
  • Preferred rates are also available if you meet the above mentioned needs but would otherwise qualify for Preferred rates based on other factors.
    • In addition, some carriers will offer Preferred rates but only after 10 years of successfully qualifying for Standard rates along with successful urological follow ups post op.
  • Standard Plus rates are also available if you meet the above mentioned needs but would otherwise qualify for Standard Plus rates.
    • In addition, some carriers will offer Standard Plus rates but only after 5 years of successfully qualifying for Standard rates.
  • Standard rates are possible WITH Prostate Cancer! Men ages 45 and older may qualify for Standard rates with prostate cancer & after prostate cancer.
    • Standard rates are possible with a prostate cancer diagnosis when your prostate cancer is localized (T1 & T2), your PSA level is <1.0 ng/ml, a biopsy or prostatectomy has been performed sometime in the previous 12 months, and you’re otherwise eligible and in good enough health to qualify for life insurance coverage. Standard rates may be available for men after radiation treatments as well but would require 1 year post treatments with a Gleason Score of ≤ 6.0 and a stable PSA of ≤ 0.2.
  • Sub-Standard rates are available 1 year post treatment if you do not otherwise qualify for any of the above mentioned risk classes.
    • The typical rate class for those following a “Watchful Waiting” approach will likely be Standard but will depend on your age at application and other factors previously discussed such as PSA, Gleason score, grade of cancer, stage of cancer, date of diagnosis, etc.
  • Guaranteed Issue/Graded Benefit plans are available if all else fails and a traditionally underwritten life insurance policy is not an option for you.
    • We have access to a number of carriers that are willing to insure you based solely on your age, gender, and amount of insurance you’d like to buy.
    • Although I’ve placed this option at the bottom of the list, fortunately there IS an option for men that would otherwise not qualify life insurance by any other means.

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The question is often asked, “can you get life insurance if you have cancer?” or “can I get cancer insurance on my life?”  and the answer is yes.

If you’re head is beginning to spin, that’s okay. Grab your ears, then grab your phone and call me or simply start your life insurance application process right now by entering as much information you can about yourself. If you’re simply looking for life insurance quotes then complete our Quote Request Form.

Prostate cancer coverage options vary widely. In order to for us to quote you and your specific needs, we will need to discuss your specific circumstances first.

If you have additional questions while doing your preliminary research, please connect with us by calling (844) LIFE-844 / (844) 543-3844 so we may answer any questions you may run into.

If you choose to work with another agent, that’s okay. But you owe it to yourself to work with the best. You do not want to leave your life insurance purchase up to chance. Make sure you’re working with an independent life insurance agent who is truly independent and understands your needs and risk. One who is willing to take the time to listen. And one that will present you and your case to the right companies and underwriters. Prostate cancer life insurance options are limited, but don’t limit yourself further by working with someone who can’t access the multiple top life insurance companies and find you the best life insurance quotes.

Give us an opportunity to earn your trust and in return your business. Our attention to detail gives you the greatest opportunity for coverage approval with prostate cancer in men.

We’re here to answer any questions about your life insurance needs. Let us know if you’re looking for whole life insurance quotes, term life insurance quotes or possibly a combination of both.


Bottom Line

Whether you’re thinking about life insurance now because of a recent diagnosis in your family, or simply trying to get approved again because someone didn’t truly understand your situation before, I believe we can help.

We help men with a history of prostate cancer secure life insurance coverage at the best rates. Let us work for you!


*Disclaimer – This is not meant to be an offering of coverage or mutually exclusive definition of approval guidelines and the website, and it’s partners will do it’s best to maintain this information as a guide but in now way holds itself out to be responsible for mistakes which may have been made in putting forth this information or will likely be make in the future as it pertains to distributing general use information for those that visit and use this website and its related content.

This is information meant to be used as a conversation starter and not advice in and of itself to be copied, duplicated, or otherwise used without PRIOR consent.